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OurGuest is an off beat tours and travels company based out of Sikkim which aggregates unique farmstays,homestays, resorts and retreats in Sikkim & NorthEast India and provides exciting and customizable tour packages for its guests.

At OurGuest, it is a continuous and ongoing effort to provide an enriching and beautiful experience to our guests who come to Sikkim and help them experience Sikkim’s unique natural beauty and culture. We work very hard to ensure that we are able to fulfill our core promise of authentic travel experience to OurGuests. Be it guests relaxing watching the sunset in a traditional farm drinking the local drink, experience bird watching to some unique species, taking a small trek near the village to see a spectacular view of the mountains, being audience to traditional folk dance and music, understanding Buddhist religion and teachings or simply sharing meals with a Sikkimese family and getting to know the culture, at OurGuest we take every effort to ensure that your visit is memorable and you go back richer than you came.

OurGuest Travels

What We Offer

  • Handpicked exclusive properties with great hosts

  • Unique tour packages designed to provide a memorable experience to our guests

  • Reliable and secure vehicles for a hassle free travel

  • Fair and affordable pricing

  • Unforgettable experience for our guests

  • Phone and email support for all customer queries

OurGuest Pillars to ensure an amazing Customer Experience

Handpicked Properties and Hosts

We examine the hosting criterias to be perfect before the property is added as part of OurGuest

Endangered Wildlife

Sikkim's botanical and zoological richness is awe- inspiring, boasting of Red Panda, Wild Horses and Snow Leopards

Secure Transportation

Tourist vehicles in good condition with experienced, well behaved drivers who will provide detailed information on the area

Reflexive Support to OurGuests

Support Helpline to address and resolve any customer query or requirement

Expert Team

Experienced and qualified team with Guest satisfaction and delight as the clear and uncompromising goal

Epic Journeys

We have adventures suited to Himalays - mountain biking, paragliding, wild life camping and many more

Strong Security

Technology adoption to ensure smooth coordination with property owners and transport vehicles.

Never Lose Your Deposit

User friendly and informative website with payment gateway to make it convenient for our guests to book with us
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