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It's not the place you travel to that makes it worthwhile, it's the people you meet along the way

Beautiful sights, mountains makes you wonder in awe and amazement. It encourages you to capture the moment with phones, cameras and share it with your friends. But once you are back to your routine daily life and sitting alone in your balcony on a rainy day, when you reminisce about your vacation...what lingers on in the projector of your memory is the smile of the old lady talking about how her village was 50 years back, or the small local boy eager to impress you, the tourist, and bringing you his simple village artefacts...or the smell of the warm food cooked by the woman of the house, looking at you with beautiful, eager eyes, waiting desperately for new accolades..

This is why we believe so much in authentic travel. It is all about the people. It always has been and it always will be. And if you don’t have such rewarding interactions in most of the places you visit on the planet, you will stop enjoying your travels very soon...

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