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Mawmluh Cave is a limestone cave, formed over thousands of years through the process of erosion and dissolution of the limestone rocks. The cave system is a result of the underground action of water and chemical weathering. Mawmluh Cave is one of the longest caves in Meghalaya, with a length of around 7 kilometers. It has multiple interconnected chambers and passages, making it a complex and fascinating underground network. It has attracted attention from speleologists and cave enthusiasts due to its geological formations, which include stalactites, stalagmites, stalagnates, flowstones, and cave curtains. These formations are produced by the slow deposition of minerals carried by dripping water. The cave also hosts a unique ecosystem featuring various species of bats and cave-dwelling creatures. Visitors might come across different types of bats hanging from the cave ceilings as they navigate through the passages.
Due to its geological and cultural importance, Mawmluh Cave is protected by the state government and various environmental organizations. Strict guidelines are implemented to preserve the cave's natural beauty and ensure that visitors adhere to responsible tourism practices.

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