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Momo Making Culinary Experience


About The Experience

In Sikkim, Nepal and other Himalayan regions, Momos have garnered immense popularity due to their delicious taste, widespread availability and deep historical roots. 
Preparing momos is not only a culinary experience but a family get together where each member participates and the dish is made over an evening of fun and gossip. It is an art, which was passed on from one generation to another. 

OurGuest wishes to share this artform with our guests who wish to be a part of this historic tradition and join us in this culinary art experience.

The momo making session will be an evening with Miss Sonam Bhutia, who runs a small homestay in Gangtok. You will be traveling to her home in Gangtok where she will take you through the entire process of momo making, teach you to make them and you will get to devour them at the end of the session.

We will start by making the filling of your choice (can be any meat or just vegetables) and then add our spices to the stuffing. Wrapping them is just another level of fun. Steaming the wrapped momos in the steamer makes them a yummy yet healthy food. Along with the momos, we also prepare a spicy (as much as you want) and tangy (as much as you want) sauce, which we call "aachar". The combination of hot steamed momo dumplings served with smooth sauce will make your mouth water.

The experience starts approximately around 4:30 PM. It is usually around 2 hour activity where you will be having home made dinner made by yourself !!!

Experience Package Details

Momo at Homestay, Tea and soup.


5% GST included

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  • ₹ 630 Per Person (Group of 2)
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