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Sikkimese Cuisine Cooking Experience


About The Experience

In this experience, you will learn about the history of each of the items you will be cooking. You can learn about and go through the produce and prep all the ingredients required for each dish. The host will do a step by step demo for each dish where everyone is free to join in and try their hands at cooking. In the end ,you can enjoy the lunch/dinner accompanied by some local beer or some traditional millet wine.

The menu is flexible and will be fixed based on the group's personal preferences.

Enjoy an immersive culinary experience in Sikkim and learn how Sikkimese favorites such as momos and thukpas are prepared. You will be assisted by one of the participating families in this package, who will serve as your instructor for this activity. Bring out the chef in you as you carefully cook all the locally-sourced ingredients and come up with a fantastic Sikimese dish that you will have for lunch or dinner.

To ensure that you'll have a convenient and comfortable time, hotel pick up and drop off services will be provided.

The traditional food of Sikkim is called Sikkimese cuisine. The cuisine is a blend of Tibetan, Nepali and Lepcha dishes which comes from various ethnic tribes and communities of Sikkim. Sikkimese food is largely based on rice, culinary vegetables from jungle like Ningro (Fern), Nakima (Wild Lily), Baas ko Tusa (Bamboo-Shoot), Cheuw (Mushrooms), etc. Even organic vegetables such as Iskus (Chayote/ Squash), Pharsi (pumpkin), Pharsi ko Munta (Pumpkin leaves), Iskus ko Munta (Chayote/ Squash leaves), Kinema (Fermented Soyabean), Ruk Tamatar ( Tree Tomato) and Dalle Chillies (Hot Fire Balls), etc are also extensively used in day to day menu. Most of the Sikkimese people are meat eaters. Varity of fresh n processed meats of mutton,beef,pork chicken and fish are feasted in almost every meal.

Locally fermented beverage such as Arra ( Homemade Whiskey), and Chaang / Tongba (Fermented Millet) also compliments the Sikkimese cuisine . Most of the raw materials are readily available in the local vegetable markets and meat shops at a decent price. Being an organic State, people seek for organic raw materials. Local beverages are mostly prepared in villages and can be available on demand. The method of preparations of Sikkim cuisine is generally stir fry, boiled or steamed. The use of spices and herbs are very limited. A wide variety of condiments and plants such turmeric powder, ginger, Chewri (Aesandra butyraceae) barks of plants like Gobere Salla (Abies wabbiana), Verla(Bauhinia Vahlii), Chatiwan(Alstonia scholaris) etc. are also used for medicative purpose. 

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Food , Drinks

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