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Teenjurey word comes from the Nepali language “Teen” means Three and “Jurey” meaning - the crest of a hill, is the highest peak in the FambongLho Wildlife Sanctuary located about 25 kms far from Gangtok at an altitude of 6990ft (2130 meters). The hike is little more than 5 kms through the FambongLho wildlife sanctuary and is a tough steep trek to the highest point.

The hike starts from Golitar Basecamp, and Sikkim Tourism Department of the Government of Sikkim has taken good interest in developing this basecamp by building beautiful cottages for stays with breathtaking view of the majestic Mt. Khanchengdzonga. There is a nice little Restaurant very picturesque with great views that serves local freshly cooked food. If you choose to hike, place your order before you start so that you can soak into the local food on your return with hungry stomach. Local people often come to this basecamp which is a piece of flat land for picnic, or camping experience and enjoy the view over the large mountain peaks and the flowing Teesta River below.

The 5 kms hike starts with a welcome view of Mt. Khanchengdzonga, and the walk starts through the forest, narrow pathways mostly rocky and steep rise. During this entire hike some places are such that you will have to literally crawl through or under a large tree or climb up a recently fallen huge trunk during the monsoons. Some places in this entire trek are quite tricky and difficult as the entire route is very steep and exhausting. It is important to know that this hike is only allowed when you are in a group of more than 1 person. Solo hike is prohibited as you have to traverse through the FambongLho wildlife sanctuary.

Teenjurey has got no human settlements barring few recently built beautiful log cottages near Golitar basecamp but offers massive biodiversity comprising many plants, and endangered animals. The forest has got trees like Magnolia, Pine, Bamboo and Rhododendron and animals like barking deer, Red Panda, Himalayan brown bear, leopards etc. Apart from Himalayan Bear there is nothing else to worry much. Many people who have been here in the past has encountered bears and that is the only reason why solo hikers are not allowed to take this adventure hike. 

The hike needs to be avoided during monsoons to avoid leech bites or even snake bites. It takes around 3 hours to reach the highest point and equivalent time to come down. Once you reach the highest point there is a watch tower that provides you a 360-degree view including that of the majestic Mt. Khanchengdzonga and the adjoining peaks if you get a clear sky. You can also spot the flowing Teesta River making her way to the bottom looks like a snake from above playing on the open field of the gorgeous mountains.

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