Family Run Homestay at Darap


Homestay Overview

Family Run Homestay
Daragaon Homestay, Darap
Daragaon Homestay, Darap
Gurung Homestay, Darap
Daragaon Homestay, Darap
Daragaon Homestay, Darap
Daragaon Homestay, Darap
Daragaon Homestay, Darap
Daragaon Homestay, Darap
Gurung Homestay, Darap
Daragaon Homestay, Darap
Daragaon Homestay, Darap
Daragaon Homestay, Darap

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* Price-inclusive for 2 Guests/ Night and includes complementary breakfast.

This family run Homestay is located at Darap, 8 kms away from Pelling on the Yuksam – Khecheperi Road. Darap Village is a peaceful hamlet of fifty odd traditional Sikkimese families, surrounded by green mountains and blessed with views of the mighty Kanchenjunga. Gently sloped terraced fields with panoramic views of mountains welcome you to the village. It is an ideal base for those who want to explore Pelling sans the hustle bustle of the hotels.
This homestay is a place for relaxation, village activities and memorable stay with privacy and homely comfort. Meals are prepared from freshly grown organic vegetables from the nearby fields.It offers seven rooms in two traditional huts and annex sister homestay for accommodation. All rooms have modern washroom with fresh running water and other facilities.
Food is great and coupled with nice traditional rooms, it makes for a perfect recipe for a wonderful gateway.This is not a fancy place. Its a very real experience of the life in this village in Sikkim. If you want the authentic experience of staying in a Nepali home with the family, then stay here.

The approach to the homestay is up a steep path, but that’s what makes this place the perfect retreat. It’s only 2 minutes from the road anyway so access to the little village is easy. Since it is located away from the rush of the city life and busy traffic you would truly enjoy and experience a village life, which enables you to directly understand the local Limboo people and get a real insight into the Nepali culture,language, food etc. If you ever fantasized about living in your own place in a little hill lodge in a sleepy village – well get here and live it !

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About the Location

Amongst the few unexplored areas in Sikkim, Darap is as enchanting as it is inspiring. This village historically known as Therap-meaning flat land and is home to few of the Limboo people. Tucked away in the interiors of Himalayan belt, this high altitude cold village has only recently been known to the outside world. Situated at an altitude well over 1600 mts (approx.) above mean sea level, this valley is exposed to temperature variations of -05 degree centigrade to +28 degree centigrade. This makes Darap storehouse of various rare and endangered species of flora and fauna and various unique and rare aspects of the Limboo culture are well preserved in this valley.

Darap village is rich in natural resources, bio-diversity and particularly very rich in cultures and customs of Local Tribes called ‘Limboos’ and is inhabited by 95% of Limboo population with their fascinating village life style. Village homestays offers one a unique and exclusive insight into this mystical land, its people, their rich cultural heritage. Your village stay experience at Darap offers the best of Limboo hospitality and cultural traditions.

How to Reach

Darap is easily accessible by road from every corners of Sikkim and the nearest stations like Bagdogra, NJP, Siliguri, Darap can be reached by shared jeep or by reserved taxi from Siliguri (shared jeep available at 7am & 1pm at near SNT bus stand and Gurudwara Sevoke Road) and Gangtok (shared jeep available at 6am & 1.30pm from taxi stand). Darap is located mid way between Pelling-Yuksom road.

Distance from Darap:

  • Bagdogra (Air port) 167 km.
  • NJP (Railway Station) 160 km
  • Kalimpong 111km
  • Darjeeling 112 km
  • Siliguri 148
  • Gangtok 145 km
  • Ravangla 60 km

Things to do :

  • Village Walk – Guests can walk around the village and observe Typical Sikkimese rural life.  A walk around the village is a great way to enjoy solitude and and it can be a fascinating experience. You will either gaze at the perfect village lifestyle, their hospitality in stunned silence or chatter endlessly with them, depending upon your disposition.
  • Traditional Cultural Program– Village people are by nature music lover. Every evening traditional cultural programme is presented to the tourist to entertain them. Among this, the most popular being Chabrung dance and Dhaan Naach
  • Yuma Meditation Center : Guests can also visit Yuma Meditation Center and get to know much about Yuma (Goddess).
  • Darap is a village surrounded with easy reach forest areas, water bodies like small rivers and streams and cultivated lands. Birds are sighted throughout the year according to their season. Some of the common birds are:
    • Common Mergansers – Season – January is the best time.
    • Wall Creepers -Season – September and October, and January