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Bangus Vally and Lolab

Bangus -Lolab

Jammu and Kashmir, India

Bangus is about 150 kilometres (93 mi) from Srinagar at an altitude of 10,000 feet (3,000 m). The principal valley is locally known as "Boud Bangus" (Big Bangus) and has an estimated area of about 300 square kilometers. It consists of a linear elliptical bowl aligned along the east–west axis and is surrounded by Rajwar and Mawar in the east, Shamasbury and Dajlungun Mountains in the west and Chowkibal and Karnah Guli in the north. Kazinag Range (up to 4,732 metres (15,525 ft) from sea level) in the south. A smaller valley known as "Lokut Bangus" (Small Bangus) lies on the north-eastern side of the main valley. Lashar valley is from North side of boud bangus and bidrun Top is favourite destination for trekkers. Bidrun Top is a one kilometre (0.62 mi) long steep trekking from Behak area.[4] There are three routes to visit this place. The least distance route from Handwara via Reshwari Mawer. The second route is also from Handwara but via Rajwar and is suitable for trekking only. The third route from Kupwara via Chowkibal.

The valley is traversed by many small streams with nearly 14 tributaries, including the Roshan Kul, Tillwan Kul and Douda Kul. The water of these streams form one of the headwaters of the Kamil River which in turn joins the Lolab stream, thus forming the Pohru River.[4]

Bangus -Lolab Travel Tips

Hidden within the northern region of Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district lies the breathtaking valley of Bangus, one of Kashmir’s best-kept secrets! Formerly a conflict-ridden zone, Bangus is now best known for its lush greenery and rich vegetation amidst its breathtaking scenic natural beauty. The valley placed approximately at an elevation of 10,000 ft. above sea level has only recently seen an increase in tourist footfall ever since efforts have been made to incorporate it into the tourism map of Kashmir. The main valley consists of two areas known by the names Bod Bangus (Big Bangus) and Lokut Bangus (Small Bangus) spanning an area of approximately 300 sq. km. With its meadows, mountains, and streams, Bangus is a real-life postcard destination, bound to enchant every wanderer with its charm. For every traveler with a knack for exploring the unexplored and the offbeat, away from prospects of overtourism, this destination is truly one of the best choices on the list!

Bangus -Lolab Facts

Any traveller visiting Bangus is naturally bound to be awestruck by its unending charm. For the most part activities in the valley include exploring it by oneself and soaking in the aura of its beauty. Earlier, for a trek in the valley, permits were required to be obtained by the District Magistrate in Kupwara. The valley has recently seen a rise in tourism and is slowly making its way into the offbeat spots often explored by travellers in the region. Apart from exploring the valley itself, visitors can also choose to camp at the Bangus Camping site for an adventurous experience.

How to Reach

Flight By Air

The nearest airport is Sheikh Ul Alam international airport in Srinagar located at a distance of around 90 km from Kupwara.

Train By Train

The nearest railway station is at Baramulla for Kupwara, located 64 km away.

Car By Road

Local cabs and taxis regularly ply from Srinagar cab stands to the valley. Even though the roads leading up to Bangus are not well developed, travellers often travel to this destination by road. Efforts are currently being made towards the infrastructural development of this valley to enhance the prospects of tourism in the region.

Book Homestays around Bangus -Lolab

Book Homestays around Bangus -Lolab

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Tour Packages around Bangus -Lolab


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