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Mizoram, India

Thenzawl is known to be the handloom centre of Mizoram. The colorful and traditional ‘puan’ that the Mizo women so proudly flaunt during festivals and other occasions are mostly hand-woven in the houses of Thenzawl. The sleepy town in Mizoram is now famously known as the ‘Handloom City’. For the uninitiated, ‘puan’ is the traditional wrap-around skirt worn by the Mizo women. Our introduction to Thenzawl, along with Hmuifang was on a rainy day in the last leg of our week-long Mizoram trip.


Thenzawl is also known for its waterfalls. The highest waterfall in Mizoram, the Vantawng Waterfall and the Tuirihiau Waterfall (this one is so hard to pronounce!) are located in Thenzawl. Hmuifang, on the other hand, is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Mizoram. To call is a hill station in Mizoram is a bit funny because Mizoram is mostly a hilly state. But since we were just back from Champhai Valley, we found the charm of Hmuifang very appealing

Thenzawl Travel Tips

  1. Plan your trip When the Weather Is Fine.
  2. Packing Essentials.
  3. Get Border Permits in Advance.
  4. In Sunday all the stores and offices are closed
  5. Keep Documents Handy. Documents Required for Inner Line Permit.
  6. When In Mizoram, respect Mizo Culture & Landscape.

Thenzawl Facts

Thenzawl is a growing town situated at the heart of Mizoram in Serchhip District. The road to Thenzawl has one of the most spectacular views with rolling green hills covered in clouds that float beneath the ridges like a misty sea. Thenzawl and its surrounding places offer some of the best tourist attractions Mizoram has to offer. Rife with a plethora of historical sites along with nature parks, nurseries and splendid waterfalls, it is also the handloom hub of the state. The only Golf Resort and Wellness Spa in Mizoram are located here and equipped with state of the art facilities.

How to Reach

Car By Road

The distance between Aizawl to Thenzawl is about 90 km. Local jeeps transport can be availed between most of the destinations. You will get sumo to Thenzawl from Aizawl at Zarkawt.

Book Homestays around Thenzawl

Book Homestays around Thenzawl

Tour Packages around Thenzawl

Tour Packages around Thenzawl


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