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Arunachal Pradesh, India

Walong is situated at an altitude of 1094 meters above mean sea level and 58 km away from Hawai ,Walong Circle HQ holds historical significance as it has been the witness to the fight of Indian soldiers against the invasion of Chinese forces in the year 1962. In Mishmi dialect Walong means ‘a place of Bamboo groves ‘(WA means Bamboo, Long means Place).The Mishmi and Meyor tribes comprise most of its population.The spectacular natural beauty of the place and the War Memorial at Walong are landmarks of stature Namti Valley, also known as Namti Maidan, is located near Walong and is the place where the fierce battle of 1962 was fought. Walong also houses a grand War Memorial built in honour of the sacrifices of brave Indian soldiers

Walong Travel Tips

Plan your trip when the weather is fine and make sure to pack all your essentials. Be a part of the local  Culture and respect them, if you want to visit in monsoon season don't forget to carry  warm cloths, rain coat or umbrella.

At Walong, make a point to visit the memorial to the Indian war dead of 1962. You can also visit Dong, the easternmost village which is hardly a kilometer away, and known for its sunrise.

Walong Facts

Situated in Arunachal Pradesh, the land of the dawn-lit mountains, and bordering China, Walong is the easternmost town of mainland India. Unscathed tropical forests, alpine meadows, shrubby woods, bamboo groves, sloping grasslands, deep gorges, and the Lohit river—all co-exist in varying hues of blue, yellow and emerald in Walong, often interspersed with dense fog. An administrative circle falling under the newly-created Anjaw District, Walong lies 90km north of Hawai (the district headquarters of Anjaw District). Diphu Pass (near the India-China-Myanmar tri-junction) is just 60km north of Walong.

Parts of Walong (1094m) fall under Dichu Reserve Forest. It is an important bird area (IBA), harbouring over 250 bird species. Besides several eastern Himalayan species, few bird species found in the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of the People's Republic of China, such as the Yunnan Nuthatch, Sichuan Leaf Warbler, Daurian Redstart and Derbyan Parakeet are also sighted here.

The serene wilderness of Walong is extremely attractive for nature lovers, ornithologists and researchers. Birding along the turquoise Lohit river is genuine solace for the soul.

How to Reach

Flight By Air

If you are looking to fly to Walong, your best option is to land at the Dibrugarh Airport in Assam. From there, It's about a 344km by road, that takes about 8hr 38min.

Train By Train

The nearest railways station to Walong is Tinsukia Train Station, from there it's about a 304km by road and that takes about 8hr.

Car By Road

A great way to get to Walong is by road, as it offers not just a smooth and comfortable journey, but some of the most beautiful panoramas and views along the way. Itanagar to Walong is about 553km, it's takes about 13hr 44min.

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Book Homestays around Walong

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