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Nongriat: Root Bridges Among the Clouds  | OurGuest Story
Mythical Meghalaya

Nongriat: Root Bridges Among the Clouds

Amid the clouds and the green hills of the beautiful state of Meghalaya lies the quaint town of Nongriat. Situated atop the East Khasi Hills, the name of the town translates as “a village surrounded by hills”, nong means village, and riat translates ...
Dec 8th, 2022
Connecting the dots with Dawki - Connecting the dots with Dawki  | OurGuest Story
Mythical Meghalaya

Connecting the dots with Dawki - Connecting the dots with Dawki

Meghalaya, in North-East India, has a special place in the hearts of adventure seekers who want to reconnect with nature. But what makes it a delight for eager tourists is how it has developed its tourism without losing the life of the village commun...
Dec 7th, 2022
test  | OurGuest Story
Sikkim Honeymoon Tour


DAY 1 It was all green, more like fluorescent, and it felt like the whole place was wiped off clean. I had a very different picture painted in my mind about Bagdogra. 123 Kms from Gangtok, Bagdogra had the nearest airport before the gorgeous one...
Nov 15th, 2022
  | OurGuest Story
Sikkim & Darjeeling Tour

Safe Solo Travelling in Sikkim

Namastey, Reader!"Don’t just listen to what they say, go see”, is what someone told me once. I am a chance traveller. Having understood the daunting journeys that I might have to take to reach a place, I realised experiencing a place is not about rea...
Sep 26th, 2022
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Gangtok - Ravangla - Pelling Tour

Winter of the Unassuming Matriarch: My Experience at Phama Homestay, Gangtok

It is late in the forenoon as I saunter down the steep flight of stairs, leading from the main road to the Cobalt Blue building, standing out from the rest of its neighbors. The open sewer canal on one side kept me constant company throughout, from t...
Sep 9th, 2022
The Namchi Ropeway, Samdruptse, Namchi, Places to visit in Sikkim, OurGuest  | OurGuest Story
Sikkim & Darjeeling Tour

The Namchi Ropeway

Namchi- which means Sky High, is the south district headquarter of Sikkim. Located at an elevation of 4314ft, it is home to some of the most spectacular locations this Himalayan state has to offer. As astounding as it sounds, Namchi is slowly being s...
Sep 9th, 2022