Anthurium Festival in Mizoram: Where Nature and Culture Unite

Anthurium Festival In Mizoram

Jun 29th, 2023

Why is the Anthurium festival celebrated ?

Women with Anthurium arrangements at the festival

The inception of the Anthurium Festival is the large-scale production of anthurium flowers by the Mizo womenfolk. It is because of the efforts of the Horticulture Department, Government of Mizoram, that the anthurium flowers grew to be so popular. Serving as an initiative to help support housewives to become financially independent, this cultivation instantly gained popularity and eventually led them into the export business.
The cut flowers are of the highest standards as compared to the rest of the country. Thus, came the establishment of the Zo Anthurium Growers Society in Mizoram. These cut flowers are exported to various parts of the country and even abroad. The Tourism Department, in collaboration with the Horticulture Department, launched the Anthurium Festival in 2006 to recognize and popularize this movement.

What is Anthurium festival?
The Anthurium flower is one of the most expensive flowers cultivated in India. The market rate ranges from Rs 800 to 1000 per plant in metropolitan cities but it is abundantly grown in Mizoram & widely used in ceremonies ranging from birthdays, weddings as well as funeral services.

Local People singing with traditional song and traditional musical instruments.
Graced by the Chief Minister of Mizoram, every year, the Anthurium Festival is held for 2 days to promote farmers, flowers & horticulture in Mizoram. The festival is organized by the State Tourism Department at the foothills of the Mystic Reiek Mountain.

Reiek Tlang

The festival is a flower paradise and one of the hidden gems of the North East that should be on your bucket list. Numerous visitors from across the nation & the world visit Mizoram for this festival where tourists get a glimpse of a variety of Anthuriums and other flower  arrangements.

Where does the Anthurium Festival Take Place?Anchor

Reiek Village

29 Km away from the capital city Aizawl, Reiek Tlang is a typical Mizo village that breathes a lot of historical remnants. Promoting its vibrant heritage this aesthetic village is the annual venue for the state-level Anthurium Festival. The fact that this place is selected as the destination adds more alluring details. The sloppy Reiek Mountain filled with lush greenery and vegetation, the breathtaking landscapes to feast the eyes, and the awakening call of nature compiles the reason to come to Reiek. Meanwhile, the Tourism Department of Mizoram takes good care of preserving the distinctive traditional huts of the different Mizo sub-tribes, the chieftain’s residence, a bachelors’ dormitory, and a widow’s house in this village.

What to see at the Anthurium Festival?Anchor

As the festival is all about the valiant anthurium flowers, it is celebrated in its peak season that arrives in late September to October making it the best time to visit Mizoram. The setting of the festivity venue is ornamented with freshly fragrant anthurium flowers in myriads of colors, sizes, and species. While the air blends with the vibe of jubilation, any tourist can enjoy the climax of exploring the proximity.

The highlights of the festival include:

The extravagant event itself continues for two straight days. Music, Dances, Multi-talent Shows, Games, and Handicrafts are fascinating episodes to watch.

Cheraw dance ( Cheraw dance is a traditional culture dance )

Playing with tawlailir ( Tawlailir is one kind of wooden toy with wheels for children)

Playing with  Insuknawr  ( Insuknawr is a mizo traditional sport played by two people at a time. Inside a circle (of certain size), the players hold a bamboo pole (of certain length) at each end and push each other, applying force through the bamboo pole. The goal of the game is to push the opponent out of the circle)

Mizo women displaying the traditional handmade handicrafts.
Cultural events, fashion shows, archery, rifle shooting, angling, and other competitions are the major featuring events.

Mizo models in traditional print attire
The heritage village of Reiek with the hued culture and traditions is an enchanting experience.

Zokhua ( Zokhua is a typical Mizo Village )

Zawlbuk ( Zawlbuk was typically used as a Men Only resting space and is used by travelers and visitors to the village)
The seductive local cuisines displayed in different varieties will leave you drooling over them. You can’t help yourself but try one or many of those to realize yourself lost in the Bon appetite world. Along with the delicious cuisines, the local drinks work like magic.

  • The legendary Mt. Reiek speaks of the enthralling folklore and feats bagged by the chief of Mizos. The vistas around the mountain are an absolute charm.
  • The overwhelming encounter with the locals of the Mizos, their lifestyles, and their benevolent hospitality are the legitimate courtesy of the people.

How to reach Reiek?Anchor

The nearest downtown to Reiek  Village is Aizawl(20 km) and the best way to get here is by road. One can hire a private cab or take the local Sumo Shared cab facility which would cost approximately 120 INR from Aizawl.
Airport: The only airport in Mizoram is the Lengpui Airport in Aizawl. Approximately, the distance from the airport to the Anthurium Festival venue at Reiek Tlang is 35 Km.
Train: Although, heading to Reiek taking a train might be a poor decision, but if you must, Silchar is the nearest Train Station to Aizawl. It is 158 km from the capital city of Mizoram and can board a bus or hire a vehicle till Aizawl.
Road: Aizawl is well connected with cities like Guwahati and other North-Eastern cities. The capital city is about 450 km from Guwahati. Shared transportations such as buses/ sumo cabs heading to Aizawl are constantly available which would cost within 800-1500
Where to stay At Reiek ?
With a reasonable number of options to choose from, staying at Reiek is a breeze. Ranging from budgeted hotels to luxurious ones, tourists can select hotels or stays however they prefer.

To embrace a natural homelike environment the best options are Reiek Tourist Resort and Dreamland Homestay. The properties introduce a homelike stay for tourists and travelers seeking for an authentic Mizo tradition blended with the local cultural experience.

Average Tariff: 1000-3000 per night

  • Dreamland Homestays

The Dreamland Homestays is one of the most popular family run budget homestays in Reiek. One can expect a very nice & cozy place perfect for leisure and experiencing the local delicacies all on a steal deal budget.

  •  Reiek Tourist Resort

The Tourist Resort in  Reiek is run by the Government of Tourism, Mizoram & offers various rooms for every budget category. One can choose from cottages with a drawing room and king-size beds to standard rooms to shared dorms.

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Anthurium Festival ​​​​​​


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