Arunachal Pradesh Tour: Experience the Vibrant Solung Festival

Celebrate Solung Festival on Your Arunachal Tour

Aug 29th, 2023

The Solung festival is a popular agriculture festival celebrated by the Adi tribe in Arunachal Pradesh. Make sure you plan your
Arunachal tour  with OurGuest during the Solung Festival.
The festival is celebrated at the beginning of September every year, to later reap a rich harvest after sowing of seeds and transplantation of paddy plants, to raise more mithuns and pigs, and also to be free from natural calamities, fire, accidents, diseases etc. 
This year, the Festival falls on 1st week of September (1-5 September 2023)


According to the mythology of the Adi Tribe, ‘Doying-Bote’ was the God of heaven who came in contact with Kine-nane, the Goddess of food-crops. Upon trying to copulate with Kine-nane, two of her monsters, Totel-Mone and Dubeng-Mone intervened and ripped off his genitalia, scattering his sperm over different places from which paddy crops began sprouting.
When Kine-nane found out that human beings were starving for food, she sent the paddy seeds through a dog with the condition that she be worshiped.
Since then, the men of the Adi Tribe have been producing paddy in abundance to meet their food requirements.
Kine-nane also helped them acquire Mithun(bison), and pig, the two animals which were sacrificed at the time of Solung. 
During Solung, people try to appease both Doying-Bote and Kine-nane. It is believed that if they are pleased, the former will appear in the form of clouds and rains and the latter will appear in the form of great fertility of soil which serves as an omen of their union. 
This in turn will lead to high yields of crops, more animals like mithun, pigs etc and ultimately wealth and prosperity for men.
Every evening during the five days, the Shaman, also called Miri, sings Solung Abung, a hymn through which he narrates the stories about the origin of man, animals and plants, ancestry of the Adis, lives and deeds of the Adi Heroes. 


The celebrations last for five days and are divided into three parts: 

  • Sopi-Yekpi/Limir-Libom
  • Binnyat 
  • Ekop

The first phase of the festival, known as Sopi-Yekpi also called Ardo-Bado or Limir Libom, is the inaugural day during which pigs and mithuns are sacrificed and offered.  
The second phase of the Solung festival is Binnyat, where Kine Nane is worshipped and offered food and Apong ( local rice beer). Ponung songs and dances are performed by women folk during the festival.
The last phase of the festival is called Ekop where men assemble at the village dormitory generally known as ‘Mosup’ to make bows and arrows, which are fastened on the doors of every house in the village. The ritual is performed for protection against evil spirits.
It is common amongst Adi people to exchange gifts in the form of meat and Apong (rice beer). There's no better way to get to know the Adi tribe’s culture and socio-economic value than to experience this festival. 
Solung Festival is best witnessed in Pasighat, which is quite thickly populated by the Adi Tribe. 

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Tourist Attractions 

Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary
This sanctuary, and a couple of other facilities (school, hospital) in Pasighat are named after Dr. D. Ering. Over 25% of the sanctuary is covered with water bodies and hence attracts many migratory birds from Mongolia and Siberia.
The sanctuary is surrounded by the Siang River (Brahmaputra) and is home to many endangered species of birds.

Around 60 km from Pasighat, this is the point where the green water of River Siang meets the blue water of River Siyom and presents a marvelous sight.

Kekar Monying
This is a mountain cliff near Rottung and is an important historical place too. In 1911, it was here where the Adi tribesmen put up a strong fight against the British. It is a must visit during your Arunachal tour  with OurGuest.

Komsing Hanging Bridge
The Komsing Hanging Bridge is a pedestrian suspension bridge in the village of Komsing, under Panging circle of West Siang district in Arunachal Pradesh. The 395-metre-long hanging bridge is the only mode of communication for nearly 9,000 villagers spread across eight hamlets. It was built across the Siang River and it is considered to be the longest suspension bridge in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

How to get there?

By Flight
Pasighat has a small regional airport and you can reach Pasighat via helicopter service from Dibrugarh and Itanagar. The closest airport that’s used for commercial travel to Pasighat is 167 km away in Dibrugarh.
By Train
The closest railway station to Pasighat is Murkong Selek at a distance of 35 kilometers. From here, you can get a prepaid taxi or bus service.
By Road
Pasighat can be accessed from two major cities in Assam, Dibrugarh and Guwahati. You can also access Pasighat from Itanagar. The distance between Dibrugarh and Pasighat is approximately 154 km and takes roughly 3 hours or so.
Note: Foreigners traveling to Arunachal Pradesh need a Protected Area Permit (PAP), and Indians need an Inner Line Permit (ILP).

Wishing everyone Good harvest, peace, prosperity and happiness. 
Happy Solung!


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