Anini and Chigu Resort Adventure Guide

Discovering Eastern Arunachal: Anini and Chigu Resort Adventure Guide

Apr 25th, 2024

Why visit Anini, Arunachal Pradesh?
An offbeat nature-based destination, Anini offers a unique blend of serene landscapes and thrilling adventures. Located in Eastern Arunachal Pradesh, Anini is a paradise for nature lovers. Imagine exploring untouched forests, enjoying mesmerizing waterfalls, and indulging in thrilling white-water rafting experiences. You can pre-book your adventures with us to ensure a seamless and unforgettable trip.

Location and Accessibility
Nearest Railway Station to Anini: New Tinsukia Junction, Assam
Nearest Airport to Anini: Dibrugarh Airport
The journey from the New Tinsukia Junction or Dibrugarh Airport to Roing takes approximately 3-4 hours. From Roing, it's a 7–8-hour drive to Anini and another 3-4 hours from Anini to Chigu Resort.
Note: The roads to Anini and Chigu Resort are off-road and challenging. In case of emergencies, you might face difficulties. We strongly recommend a minimum stay of 2 nights.

Booking and Accommodation:
OurGuest takes reservations for Chigu Resort. For a hassle-free experience. You will receive a booking slip, which is the only assured way to confirm your reservation
The difficulties of making a reservation in Chigu Resort:
Chigu Resort is about 3 hours from Anini when you travel by car and the mobile network connectivity out there is really poor. Therefore whenever we have to confirm a reservation for Chigu Resort, we have to request someone from Anini to drive down to Chigu Resort and inform the exact reservation details of the guest. This includes how many people will be travelling, what meals are included, what kind of rooms, etc. Because of this complication, we request all our clients to make full advance payment before check-in date. OurGuest provides a reservation voucher to guests who have booked through us. The guests show the reservation voucher at Chigu Resort.
Other difficulties at Chigu Resort:
•    There is electricity problem but there is a power backup in Chigu Resort. The generator is switched on in the mornings and evening.
•    Geyser also runs on power backup
•    There is no mobile network

Limited stays are available in Anini at Mishmi Hills. Please avoid last-minute bookings, as the owners often travel to cities for holidays
What to Expect and What Not to Do?
•    A nature-centric experience with breathtaking waterfalls and untouched forests.
•    Pre-book white-water rafting to ensure availability and preparedness.​​​​​​​


Things to Know Before Reaching Anini:
•    Distance: Plan a night halt at Roing. The travel time from Roing to Anini is about 7-8 hours. It is advisable to stay one night at Anini before you travel to Chigu Resort. 
•    Network and Connectivity: There is a limited phone network in Anini. Pre-arrange your trip to avoid being stranded due to lack of communication.

One of the big mistakes that travellers make when they are travelling to Anini or Chigu Resort is that they drive down themselves without making a confirmed booking. What they don’t realize is that there are very few properties or hotels in Anini and often times, the owners of the properties may not be there at the property when there are no bookings for the day. Hence, it is advisable to make full payments and confirm your booking beforehand before travelling to Anini or Chigu Resort. 
Travellers have enquired with us about Chigu Resort, not made payments and then directly went to the resort only to find that nobody was there (because the staff had all gone to Anini for the day since there were no bookings). They drove 3 hours to reach Chigu Resort, did not find anyone, and the drove all the way back to Anini.
Stay and Wildlife:
•    Stay: Mishmi Hills
•    Wildlife: Keep an eye out for the unique Mishmi Takin during your stay.
Electricity can be erratic in Anini. However, our partner properties have power backup generators for essential needs like charging and geysers. Please follow the specified timings for using the electricity.
Nature's Reward:
Despite the challenges, the pristine beauty and serenity of Anini and Chigu Resort will undoubtedly reward you. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Eastern Arunachal Pradesh and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Remember: Nature will reward you for visiting this place. So, plan ahead, book with us, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in Eastern Arunachal!
OurGuest plans and organizes tours for guests wanting to travel to Arunachal Pradesh. We also manage the ILP documents on your behalf. Please do reach out to us at 7669503993 or email us at to plan your Arunachal holiday.  


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