Offbeat Holiday Destinations in India: A Sustainable Adventure

Exploring Offbeat Holiday Destinations in India for Sustainable Tourism

Sep 27th, 2023

Tourism is an industry that is growing quickly. It made over $1 trillion and had 900 million visitors in 2022. Unfortunately, tourism also causes environmental problems like pollution and waste.

Businesses that invest in green tourism will do well in the future. As people become more aware of climate change, they want eco-friendly travel options. This is a great opportunity for companies that offer these types of experiences. There are new trends in tourism and green investment. 

We can expect more investment in eco-friendly tourism, more demand for sustainable travel, and a move towards more sustainable tourism practices while traveling to off beat holiday destinations in India. This includes using local products, reducing waste, and supporting local communities. Some examples of businesses that are doing well include ecotourism, sustainable transportation, green hotels, sustainable food and beverage, and adventure tourism.

Ecotourism is about minimizing environmental impact and supporting local communities. Sustainable transportation includes eco-friendly options like electric cars and bikes.
Green hotels are environmentally friendly and use renewable energy. Sustainable food and beverage businesses use locally sourced and organic food and drinks. Adventure tourism is about outdoor activities that connect people with nature. 

More and more companies are realizing that prioritizing their employees, the environment, and their communities is key to success. Companies like Patagonia, Ben & Jerry's, and TOMS are leading the way in this regard. These companies are investing in their employees, reducing their environmental impact, and giving back to their communities. 
There are many benefits to these types of businesses. They are more likely to attract and keep top talent because they share their values and customers prefer to support businesses that share their values. 

Companies like OurGuest that invest in their employees and the environment can save money in the long run. Finally, businesses that prioritize People, Planet, and Prosperity have a better brand reputation, which can lead to increased sales and profits. OurGuest is lucky to be part of a big project in Sikkim with the World Bank. Over five years, the World Bank will invest over 900 Cr in eco-tourism, skill, and capacity building, while supporting women entrepreneurs.

OurGuest is doing studies on Eco-tourism practices, environmental and social impacts, and the effects of homestay operations. The most important thing is that we can't just focus on development at all costs. These are exciting times, and we are excited to be part of the new wave of sustainable tourism.

Happy World Tourism Day!


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