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Festivals of Ladakh

Jul 10th, 2024

Festivals are the best opportunities to get a glimpse of the culture of any region. Ladakh is no different and if travelers can plan their holidays keeping in mind certain dates to attend the festivals of Ladakh, they will get to experience the vibrant culture of Tibetan Buddhism and the lifestyle of the people belonging to the land of high passes and ancient monasteries. Many of the religious festivals of Ladakh take place in winter, a relatively idle time for the majority of the people. The festivals often take the form of dance-dramas in the Gompa (monastery) courtyards. Lamas, robed in colourful garments and wearing often startlingly frightful mask, perform mimes representing various aspect of the religion such as the progress of the individual soul and its purification or the triumph of good over evil. 

Listed below are some of the key festivals celebrated in Ladakh that travellers can plan to visit:

1. Losar (Ladakhi New Year) - The Losar festival marks the beginning of the New year and is considered to be the most important festival of the Ladakh/Tibet region. During this festival, the Ladakhi Buddhists make a religious offering before their deities in the domestic shrines or in the Gompas. A medley of cultural events, ancient rituals and also traditional performances are performed during this festival. The festival is celebrated for two weeks, with the first three days being most important. People visit relatives, make offerings at monasteries, and seek blessings during the festival.  

2. Hemis Festival - Hemis Tsechu festival can be considered the most popular monastic festival in Ladakh among the tourists. This festival is held to celebrate the birthday of Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Celebrated for 2 days in the summer, it features traditional dresses, display of precious Thangka paintings, and cham (masked dance) performances. The festival is celebrated in Hemis monastery in Hemis, about 45 kms from Leh. Sacred mask dances or cham are performed by the resident monks of the monastery in the courtyard. The monastery is home to the world's largest thangka or Tibetan scroll painting. This two-storey-high thangka is unveiled once every 12 years. The thangka was displayed in the year 2016 and it will be shown again in 2028.  

3. Sindhu Darshan Festival - Sindhu Darshan Festival is held every year on Guru Purnima (full moon day) in the month of June. Held at Shey Manla, about 8 kms from Leh, this major festival in Ladakh is a three-day event that begins on the day of Guru Purnima. The major reason for the celebration of Sindhu Darshan Festival is to endorse the Indus River as an icon of the communal harmony and unity of India. The festival was celebrated in 1997 first, but from the year 2000, it has become a grand affair. During this festival in Ladakh, participants from across India bring water in an earthern pot from the river of their own state and pour it into the Indus River. All the people, local and those from outside the region, celebrate this unique Ladakh festival in a beautiful way. Various cultural programs are also presented by the artists from several states of the country. It attracts large number of foreign as well domestic tourists. 

4. Dosmochey Festival - People of Ladakh often look upon Dosmochey as the harbinger of warmer days following months of cold days in the winter. Celebrated in February, seen as the harbinger of warmer days after winter. The royal family of Ladakh started Dosmochey as an annual festival. Cham or sacred dances are performed by monks at the old temple below the Leh Palace. Rituals are performed and idols made of dough are either burned or kept in isolation to get rid of evil spirits. People adorned in traditional costumes visit the prayer rooms, seeking blessings from the deities and other gods and goddesses. Dosmochey festival is also celebrated on the same day at Diskit gompa in Nubra valley and at Likir gompa.

Other notable festivals of Ladakh include Saka Dawa, Stok Guru Tsechu, Matho Nagrang, Phyang Tsedup, Takthok, and Korzok Gustor. These festivals are celebrated at various monasteries across Ladakh and feature prayers, dances, rituals and offerings unique to each event.

Written by Pintso Gyatso: Unveiling the Hidden Gems of the Himalayas

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