A Taste of Mizoram: Must-Try Mizo Dishes

Food of Mizoram: Where Tradition Meets Culinary Art

Aug 10th, 2023

Mizoram is a land of the Blue Mountains and is known as one of the most disciplined states of India. Aizawl is the capital city of Mizoram. Mizoram people have a variety of unforgettable delicious delicacies to offer the world. The food of Mizoram has a mild influence of Chinese and North Indian cuisines. The staple food of Mizoram is rice and meat is an important part of their meals. The food preparations of the Mizo people are mostly non vegetarian. They use less oil in cooking and mostly rely on locally grown herbs and other vegetables to add flavor to food. 

Most Mizos love eating boiled vegetables along with rice but the younger generation tends to like fried and spicy food; food from other cultures are also popular among many young Mizo. A popular dish is bai, made from boiling vegetables (the ingredients tend to differ from household to household) with bekang (fermented soybeans) or sa-um, a fermented pork, and served with rice. 

Below is list of famous food of Mizoram, history of Mizoram foods or Mizoram special traditional dishes and its importance in Mizoram culture -


Bai is the signature food of Mizoram. A dish that can be found easily no matter where you go in Mizoram, bai could be vegetarian or made with meat. Bai can be prepared in a variety of ways by combining different seasonal vegetables. Mixed vegetable Bai is easy to prepare and is one of the popular household dishes of Mizoram,which represents their rich culture and tradition. In meat versions, pork is usually the main ingredient along with bamboo shoots and steamed vegetables.The key factor of this dish is that it is prepared using lots of locally available herbs and spices. Bai may be eaten as a soup before the main course.

Where to eat Bai - On your trip to Mizoram with OurGuest, there are so many restaurants who sell mizo food. Some of the  recommendations are -​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Red Pepper, Chanmari Aizawl
  • Mizo Diner, Zarkawt Aizawl

Chhum han

Chhum han is a dish made by mixing vegetables like broccoli, carrots and cabbage together. The vegetables are steamed and cooked together with some tomatoes and ginger. Chhum han doesn’t use spices and that’s another reason why it’s a very healthy dish. It is a very quick and healthy recipe which can be consumed by people on diet as well.

Where to eat Chhum han - You can try Chhum han, it is a healthy food of Mizoram and is very popular. Additionally, you can easily make it at home by boiling water and vegetables. There is no need to add salt or oil; only water is required. If you prefer to eat out and are looking for Mizo food recommendations -

  • Red Pepper, Chanmari Aizawl
  • Mizo Diner, Zarkawt Aizawl
  • L T Mizo Belly Restaurant, World bank road 

Bamboo shoot fry

The other most famous food of Mizoram is 'Bamboo shoot fry'. The dish is very much popular in Mizoram. A light dish meant to be eaten with steamed rice, bamboo shoot fry is a vegetarian preparation. To make bamboo shoot fry, bamboo is stir-fried with herbs. Mushrooms and other vegetables may also be added. Light on the stomach, this dish is best enjoyed hot and makes a good side with heavier mains. 

Where to eat bamboo shoot - Bamboo shoots are a delectable seasonal food that must be savored during their specific harvest time. If you are eager to delve into this culinary delight, you must plan your visit accordingly, aligning with the vibrant bamboo shoots season. Its season is normally at the end of May to August.

Vawksa rep

This is yet another popular food of Mizoram. The star of this dish is pork, which is flavored with some delicious herbs. The pork is smoked and cut into cubes that are soft and made just right.The smoke-dried pork may be stir-fried with oyster mushrooms and greens like spinach. Mizo Vawksa is a widespread traditional non-veg dish of Mizoram.The cuisine of Mizoram is based on non-vegetarian dishes. The dish is prepared with pork and other herbs. Mizo Vawksa is the most famous smoked pork dish of Mizoram which represents their tribe's culture.

Where to eat Vawksa rep - If you want to make it on your own, you can buy vawksa rep in the market. There are so many people who sell it. But if you want to eat out and taste other Mizo food, you can visit some of the recommended restaurants -

  • Red Pepper, Chanmari Aizawl
  • Mizo Diner, Zarkawt Aizawl
  • L T Mizo Belly Restaurant, World bank road 


A very popular food of Mizoram, sanpiau is a kind of rice porridge inspired by Burmese congee, which is called ‘hysan byok’. As the dish spread across Mizoram, hysan byok was modified to ‘san peuh’ and gradually became ‘sanpiau'. It is usually served hot, with coriander, onions, black pepper and fish sauce.This snack is very much famous in Mizoram and is enjoyed by the people of Mizoram as a snack.

Where to eat Sanpiau - Sanpiau is very popular in Mizo. You can eat it anywhere you go; half of the restaurants include it on their menu, so there is no need for recommendations. If you visit Aizawl, you can easily find it

Mizo Den 

Mizo den is an exceptionally well-known dish in Mizo culture, known for its distinct flavors and versatility as it can be prepared with or without meat. To create this delectable treat, one simply needs to mix the desired meat and vegetables with a dash of water. As time passes, the ingredients infuse together, resulting in a delectable dish that is both savory and filling. Once all the flavors have melded beautifully, the mixture is ground to perfection, giving rise to the mouthwatering delicacy that is known as Mizo den.

Where to eat Mizo den - You can eat at the following recommendations for the Mizo food ..

  • Red Pepper, Chanmari Aizawl
  • Mizo Diner, Zarkawt Aizawl
  • L T Mizo Belly Restaurant, World bank road 


Buhchiar, often referred to as a staple food of Mizo, is a delectable dish that is made from rice. The ancient Mizo ancestors held a deep fondness for culinary creations centered around rice, frequently combining it with meat for a flavorful meal. However, the versatility of rice extends beyond just meat-based dishes, as it is also utilized in an array of delectable vegetable preparations. Buhchiar is not only a popular culinary delight in Mizo, but it also holds a significant place as one of the signature dishes of Mizo culture. Its taste and prominence make it a treasured part of Mizo cuisine.

Where to eat Buhchhiar - You cannot eat the type of Buhchiar, but there is a similar taste we call Sawhchiar, which you can find in restaurants in Aizawl. They usually add it to their menu.


Bekang is the local name for fermented soybeans. Fermenting soybeans is a tedious process. Once fermented, they may be eaten raw, or as a curry with tomatoes, green chillies and salt. Bekang is an important part of Mizo culture and is considered economical, nutritious food. It pairs well with heavier meat dishes.

Where to eat Bekang - You can find it in the market, and you need to make it on your own. If you don't know how to make it, there are so many tutorials on YouTube. When you eat Mizo food in the restaurant, maybe they will add it to their menu.

Suggestion  for Vegetarian People -

If you happen to be a vegetarian, you need not worry about finding suitable options in Mizo cuisine. These delectable dishes are not solely limited to non-vegetarian preferences. For instance, you can savor the goodness of Chhum han, which is renowned for its nutritional benefits. Moreover, you can experience the flavors of Bai without any meat, or even try the delectable Mizo den. However, it is essential to inform the waitstaff about your dietary preferences, as they will be able to guide you accordingly. Embrace the recommended Mizo delicacies and indulge in a fulfilling culinary experience.

Suggestion for Indian cuisine restaurant - 

  • Mongolia Restaurant( Hotel regency)  zarkawt, Aizawl
  • Zamzo Grill & Kitchen Restaurant ( Hotel Floria ) Zarkawt, Aizawl  

Suggestion For authentic Mizo Food restaurant -

  • Red Pepper, Chanmari Aizawl
  • Mizo Diner, Zarkawt Aizawl
  • L T Mizo Belly Restaurant, World bank road 

Suggestion For Korean Food restaurant -

  • Flavor of korea, Temple road Aizawl

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