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Helitours and Himalayas: Elevate your Sikkim Experience with the newly introduced MI 172 Helicopter

Mar 14th, 2024

According to National Geographic, Sikkim has recently earned a prestigious spot among the top 30 travel destinations in Asia for 2024. As Tourism continues to flourish, an exciting development is poised for a substantial upsurge in Sikkim’s Aviation Tourism– the introduction of Mi172 helicopters for commercial operations.
Sikkim's tourism sector officially launched commercial operations of Russian-made MI17 helicopters on 6 March 2024 under Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation (STDC) at Burtuk Helipad. The helicopter service is expected to provide a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for tourists, residents, and business travellers between Gangtok and Bagdogra.

These are the features and advantages of the commercial MI172 helicopter service in a gist:

  • The MI172 helicopter boasts a generous seating capacity of 26 (20 considering the geographical conditions), complemented by proficient air hostesses and stewards, assuring passengers a comfortable and secure voyage.
  • Renowned also for their durability and dependability, these helicopters will present tourists with a distinctive and thrilling aerial vantage point of the region. The incorporation of the helicopter service will hopefully help in mitigating the obstacles presented by the region’s rugged terrain and insufficient road networks.
  • Cut down on travel duration, providing passengers a swifter and more convenient mode of transportation compared to road travel.

Schedule: From Bagdogra, the helicopter flight takes about 35 minutes to reach Gangtok and vice versa | Daily | Flights are subject to weather conditions and reservations by VIPs.
Rate: Rs 4500 per individual (Burtuk to Bagdogra) 

How to avail the MI17 helicopter service?
Seat reservation procedure for Gangtok/ Bagdogra by STDC Helicopter. 
Whatsapp at: 7318906677

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