Northeast India Tour: Discovering Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple: Spiritual Highlight of Northeast India Tour

Aug 8th, 2023

Kamakhya Temple is a Hindu temple, dedicated to the mother goddess Kamakhya, located on the Nilachal Hill in the western part of Guwahati city in Assam, India. It is one of the most important Shakti Peethas in India and is considered to be one of the holiest Hindu temples in the country. The temple is visited by thousands of devotees every year and is especially popular during the Ambubachi Mela, which is held annually in June and celebrates the menstruation of the goddess Kamakhya. So, if you’re on your Northeast India tour, do not miss visiting the Kamakhya Temple.

Visit Kamakhya temple on your northeast India tour

The temple is open for puja from 5:00 am-1:00 pm and from 2:30 pm-5:30 pm. Though free darshan is available to all devotees, VIP tickets are available from the counter at 6:00 am to avoid long queues. The cost is INR 500/- per person. The Darshan at Kamakhya Temple usually takes around 1–2 hours with VIP tickets and without a VIP ticket, it can extend to around 3- 5 hours.

Dedicated to different forms of Lord Shiva, there are five temples within the complex of Kamakhya temple. In addition, the temple complex also houses three temples of Lord Vishnu, present in the form of Kedara, Gadadhara and Pandunath respectively.

There are several legends and myths associated with this temple. According to one of the popular legends, it is believed that the reproductive organ of Sati settled on the earth at this place, which was followed by her death. On the other hand, another popular belief states that this temple is associated with the Goddess Kali.

The temple remains open 7 days a week and is a must-visit when you are in Guwahati on your Northeast India tour. There is no online booking system in place for visiting the temple yet and one must be present in person with valid identity proof like Aadhaar, voter card, or any government-authorized identity proof original.

Getting there: Kamakhya temple is fairly well located centrally in the city of Guwahati, and there are taxis and autos available easily to get to and from the temple. The Guwahati Railway Station and the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi airport are located 20 kilometers and 7 kilometers respectively from the temple complex. It is highly recommended to reach the temple early, at least by 5:30 am, to get a good spot in the line for tickets and entry to the complex. 

Visiting the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati during your Northeast India tour is an enriching and spiritually rewarding experience. As a sacred site deeply rooted in Hindu mythology and fertility rituals, Kamakhya Temple captivates visitors with its mystique and devotion. OurGuest's well-planned tour ensures seamless exploration of not only this revered shrine but also the region's captivating natural beauty, diverse culture, and warm hospitality. Embrace the tranquility and profound spiritual energy of Kamakhya Temple while embarking on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting Northeastern part of India.


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