Taste of Sikkim: Discover 15 Signature Dishes during North Sikkim Tour

Taste the Best: 15 Iconic Sikkim Foods with North Sikkim Tour Package

Aug 28th, 2023

Sikkim, an exquisite state in northeastern India, is noted for its magnificent geographical beauty and distinct culture. The state is particularly well-known for its wonderful cuisine, incorporating flavors from neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Here is a list of the ten most renowned Sikkim culinary delicacies you must eat on your next North Sikkim tour package with OurGuest.

1. Momo- Momo is a popular dish in Sikkim and other Himalayan regions. Made of refined flour, this steamed dumpling is filled with minced meat or vegetables. Sikkim offers a variety of momos, including chicken, pork, beef, and vegetable momos. On your next North Sikkim tour package, make sure to include momos in your meal!

Local veg option churi momo ( local cottage cheese) or healthier option of iskus ( chayote) momos. Traditionally momo is made from all purpose flour but there are other healthier options of using whole wheat flour, buckwheat flour etc.


2. Thukpa- Thukpa is a classic noodle soup from Tibet that is now popular across the Himalayan area. The soup (vegetarian or based on a choice of meat)  topped with veggies, meat, and noodles is ideal for cold winter days.


3. Gundruk- In Sikkim, gundruk is a famous fermented food in dried form produced from mustard greens. The recipe is usually in the form of a clear soup or in a dry chili chutney. This is typically served as a side dish alongside rice or other main entrees to make a meal


4. Alu Chewra- It is a savory street food of potato gravy with fried flat rice (poha/chewra) served with a topping of onions, chili, boiled yellow peas etc.

Alu Chewra

5. Churpi- Churpi is a popular cheese prepared from yak or cow milk that is typically eaten as a snack. This hard and chewy cheese is high in protein and is ideal for hikers and trekkers. It is found in 2 forms i.e. hard (as shown in pic) and soft (fresh)


​​​​​​​6. Stinging nettle- It’s a soup made of stinging nettle usually eaten as a gravy with rice.

7. Kinema- Kinema is a popular fermented soybean dish in Sikkim and other regions of the Himalayas. It is made in the form of a spicy curry or a dry pickle. This meal is typically served with rice and veggies as a side dish.

8. Chang- Chang is an alcoholic beverage produced from fermented millet or barley. This drink is typically offered at festivals and other events and is prepared at home.

9. Sha Phaley- Sha Phaley is another traditional Sikkim cuisine. It literally translates to (sha-meat phaley-patty, also veg options are available as veg phalay, or chicken phalay) The deep-fried flavors of 'Sha Phaley' are combined with a bread base and a lot of minced meat. It is a Tibetan dish that is also famous in Sikkim. The bread or patties are stuffed with this mixture of ground beef, boneless chicken, veggies, and seasonings.

After that, a semicircle is curled around it before it is deep-fried to perfection. Finally, you have a crispy burger with a soft, delectable filling. Tofu and cheese have recently been added to the vegetarian or vegan dishes recipe.

10. Sel Roti- Sel Roti is a famous sweet dish (sweet and savory as a fried bread that is consumed with spicy potato or pea pickle salads) made of a (mix of rice flour and spices such as cardamom, cloves etc typically offered during festivals and other events. This meal has a distinct flavor and is ideal for individuals who enjoy sweets. It tastes mildly sweet.

11. Thakali thali- Thakali Thali is a Nepalese traditional thali served all over in Sikkim.

12. Khuri ( buckwheat pancake)- These are pancakes made of buckwheat flour cooked in butter with stuffing of cottage cheese and spinach served with cottage cheese chutney.

13. Pork trotters and Ting Mo- These are spicy curry made of pork trotters served with ting mo ( steamed buns with no stuffing)

14. Khora- Khora is a Beef stomach slow cooked to make a spicy curry.

15. Edible fiddlehead  Fern-

Sikkim's cuisine is a unique fusion of flavors from neighboring areas and a must-try for foodies. If you are planning a North Sikkim tour package with OurGuest, be sure to include these iconic Sikkim culinary dishes on your itinerary. You will not be let down!


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