Best Resorts in Ravangla I Barfung Retreat

The Barfung Retreat - Offbeat Getaway near Ravangla (South Sikkim)

Mar 10th, 2023

The southern parts of Sikkim have a thing for being exceptionally off-beat, rugged, beautiful, raw and one of a kind. If you are looking for a charming holiday with a local lifestyle at affordable rates then we have a place just for you. Located in Ravangla, a cozy hamlet of South Sikkim, famous for its scenic mountains and rugged cliffs, The Barfung Retreat
is an ideal getaway from the hustles of our everyday life The Ourguest team started our journey at 7am one fine spring morning and headed towards this amazing place. Despite
the slight drizzle and rough roads, typical of this erstwhile region, the destination definitely proved to us what the saying often goes, “nothing good comes easy”. After travelling for about three hours from Gangtok, we reached the site allotted to NIT Ravangla. The road wounded around cardamom and paddy fields, adding more to the beauty. About 4kms down, we reached the Barfung Retreat and it was a beholding sight! The first thing that will strike you is the arrangement of flowers in the sweeping property. Primroses, primulas, geraniums, and a terrific array of wildflowers adorn the compound which simultaneously exhibits the craftsmanship of local men in arranging the stones about the soil.

The second thing you will notice is an open-library overlooking the cardamom fields and cottagesa peaceful aura radiating through space and time, and this lovely wooden-cabinet which makes you feel as if you will Narnia any moment! The kitchen is adorned with local food, fermenting gundruks and bottled pickles, which serve as mouth-watering

After walking down the stairs and finally getting to touch the stone-walled cottages which dot the compound, we realise this is how we want our home to feel like! Dark oak-panelled walls, presence of all modern amenities, spacious compound and a dazzling array of flora and plantations: the Barfung retreat offers an insane combination of an off-beat home-stay and sophistication at the most reasonable price you can imagine! The spacious cottages, beautifully designed in wood and stones, with classy colour combinations of a deep red, dark gray i.e. almost black are vivid against the green background. A handsome wooden table with tree trunks as seats adorns the lawn, where you could sit, read, write, observe, converse or just a gala time with your friends! Further down is a large potato field, where guests have the liberty to learn and grow their vegetables on the patches. A huge bonfire place in a traditional manner has been built for the people to enjoy a chilly day outdoors with the company they would want to be with. The best thing about The Barfung retreat is the stone bath. The stone bath, is a one of a kind facility allows the visitors to enjoy the perks and benefits of a hot stone bath in a very traditional way, which is extremely beneficial for skin ailements, joint pains, and in general therapeutic. The warm welcome we received at the homestay was one of the best forms of hospitality we came across. The local women from the nearby villages had cooked a luxurious meal for us which we savoured every bit. An unforgettable journey led us to this amazing homestay and we truly hope, you will experience the same when you arrive!
See You Soon Our guests!


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