The Yakten Rendezvous

Mar 10th, 2023

Imagine a place you have been thinking of escaping to. Majestic mountains, cool breeze, simplicity of nature, charisma of an off-beat travel and of-course, the ever so famed hospitality of local home- makers! Imagine having these dreams fulfilled at a price that you can afford and feel every bit exhilarated. Imagine a country road, winding against tall trees, guiding you towards the wonders of an isolated rendezvous, where every step you make- makes you happy! Join us in this extra-ordinary tour of a small village in the eastern side of Sikkim. Located just near the airport, The Yakten Homestay is an amalgam of eccentric homestays with low ceilings, cozy porches, wood-paneled rooms, cymbidium orchid farms, and indispensible home-makers who have shifted their focus to you! “We love having guests over. Yakten in Limbu language means keeping our guests”, gushed Basanti Subba, who runs the homestay.

True to her word, we were offered lovely ginger tea on our arrival. The man of the house was busy tending to the beautiful floral display straight out of a fairytale. Dreamy is the word for homestays in Sikkim and Yakten homestay offers a balanced dreaminess to our realities allowing us to explore the minute details of a holiday we often choose to ignore. “Take arjun and go”, Basanti and her husband smiled ear to ear as they said this! “He knows the way around”. We took their advice and Team Our Guest started our two hour hike to a lovely forested path. As we trekked higher, we discovered a whole pine forest, Himalayan birches, firs, numerous small trails that led us to a dazzling array of ferns, climbers, trees and vines. One could hear the local birds and if you are lucky, you might just catch a glimpse or two of beautiful deers and graceful foxes who will mind their own business as long as you mind yours! Arjun, the golden-brown local hero of Yakten, took really good care of us by waiting at turns and points where we slogged, and guiding us every time we lost our way!

Interestingly, we came across two view points of Jhandi and Gadi, often marked by locals as places of worship and prayers. At a point, you will a junction beyond which, is the highest view point of Yakten. An expansive view stretched across the mountains: you will be find yourself standing parallel to the tallest mountain in the vicinity! The feeling is as awe-inspiring as watching the waves crash at a sea-shore!

Every breath is cool and alive, every muscle of your body is active and every heartbeat would want to make you sing! Imagine watching the sunset and the sunrise from this point where there is no one but you and your universe. Imagine coming up here and practicing your art, yoga, or just being there and breathing! The best part about Yakten, is the ever welcoming family who hosted us for lunch after we trekked down. Led by Arjun again, we started our downward journey, exhausted and ravenous. Just as we reached the homestay, we could smell the sumptuous meal laid out for us. A simple array of homely food, fresh and organic from their very own garden was laid at the table. Things just couldn’t get any better! Awe-struck we asked Basanti, how many people do you manage in a day? “About twenty, on good days”. She responded with a slight blush and a warm smile. “and you cook this for them everyday?”, “I love doing it,” she exclaimed! “that is why this is not a hotel. It is a homestay and everyone is welcome”,

Mi casa is su casa.
We remarked and finished our evening with their home-made ginger wine.
It was one of the most satisfying days of our lives!


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