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Things to keep in mind while booking houseboats in Kashmir

Feb 8th, 2024

Many travelers who visit Kashmir have an image of a Shikara ride in their mind which will take them to a nice houseboat by the lake with enchanting views of the mountains and a warm Kahwa tea. It has been a fascination for many visitors coming to Kashmir to stay amidst the calm waters of the lake in wooden artisan houseboats.

For decades, houseboats have been an integral part of the cultural heritage of Kashmir. They are a unique blend of Kashmiri and British architecture that has become a symbol of the region’s rich cultural history. The houseboats are widely recognized for their intricate craftsmanship that showcases the skill of the local artisans. These houseboats have ornate interiors, colorful rugs, and modern amenities, offering a charming and comfortable stay amidst the stunning mountains and floating gardens. For a comfortable stay, travelers should consider several important factors when making reservations for houseboats in Kashmir. Some of them are listed below:

1. Firstly, it is crucial to choose a reputable and reliable houseboat operator or agency. Look for reviews and recommendations from previous customers to ensure that you are dealing with a trustworthy provider. This will help ensure that your booking process goes smoothly and that you have a pleasant experience during your stay.

2. Another important aspect to keep in mind is the location of the houseboat. Kashmir offers a variety of stunning lakes and rivers where houseboats are available for accommodation. Consider your preferences and the purpose of your visit. If you are seeking tranquility and serenity, you may opt for a houseboat located in a quieter area. On the other hand, if you wish to be closer to the bustling markets and tourist attractions, you might prefer a houseboat situated in a more central location.

3. Additionally, it is essential to carefully review the amenities and facilities provided by the houseboat. Different houseboats offer varying levels of comfort and luxury, so it is important to choose one that meets your specific requirements. Consider factors such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas available. Some houseboats may also offer additional services such as onboard dining, Wi-Fi access, or recreational activities. By thoroughly researching and understanding the amenities offered, you can ensure that your stay on the houseboat is comfortable and enjoyable.

4. Should you book a houseboat during winter?
When considering booking a houseboat during the winter season, it is natural to wonder if the cold weather would make it uncomfortable. However, it is important to note that many houseboats provide heaters or electric blankets to ensure a cozy and warm experience for their customers. These amenities are typically available to keep the interior of the houseboat warm and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your stay even during colder months. Therefore, as a customer, you can confidently book a houseboat in winter knowing that measures are in place to provide warmth and comfort.

5. Book a houseboat in Dal Lake or Nigeen Lake.
Nigeen Lake offers a superior experience compared to Dal Lake when it comes to houseboats. The houseboats at Nigeen Lake provide a tranquil environment, away from the bustling crowds often found at Dal Lake. With its pristine surroundings and calm waters, Nigeen Lake offers a more peaceful and secluded retreat for those seeking a relaxing stay on a houseboat. The picturesque views and the opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of the surroundings make Nigeen Lake an ideal choice for those looking for a unique and tranquil houseboat experience.​​​​​​​

6. Vegetarian or Non–vegetarian food in a houseboat?
Before making a reservation for a houseboat, it is crucial to gather information from the hotelier as most houseboats offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

7. Can you get traditional Kashmiri cuisine on a houseboat?
Yes, most houseboats prepare traditional Kashmiri cuisine, in addition to other cuisines like Continental, Indian, Asian, etc.

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