OurGuest Guide: Top Places, Activities & Ideal Time for Mawsynram

Unveiling the Wonders of Mawsynram: Your Complete Guide to the Best Tourist Places, Ideal Time to Visit, and Top Accommodation Options

May 19th, 2023

Mawsynram is a charming settlement located in the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. There are several attractions in Mawsynram, including Lum Symper Peak and Cave, Jakrem Hot Spring, and Mawjymbuin Caves.
Mawsynram experiences pleasant weather and an average yearly rainfall of 11.872 mm. It is one of the wettest places on earth. Travelers from all over the globe come to the tourist places in Mawsynram to relax in the presence of nature. Mawsynram is renowned for being the wettest place and for having significant rains.

Best Places To Visit in Mawsynram
Mawsynram is a beautiful place with excellent sightseeing opportunities. The grandeur of the scenery, the richness of flora and fauna, the friendliness of people, and the warm hospitality make Mawsynram a must-visit tourist spot among the most beautiful places in India.
Below are some of the best places to visit in Mawsynram:

Mawjymbuin Caves- Mawjymbuin, also known as Krem Mawjymbuin, is one of the best places to visit in Mawsynram and one of the most popular destinations. On the first floor, there is a little open viewing area from which you may obtain a breathtaking view of the entrance. It rises to over 200 meters high and is made of calcareous sandstone continually deposited by weathering. The Mawjymbuin Cave is well known for its dome-shaped Symper rock, which offers spectacular views of the valleys and hills surrounding it. In front of the eastern part of the cave, a little stream runs. It is also an adventurous sport, as several entrances are typically challenging to access. The scenic setting and the lush mountains enhance its splendor.
Timings: 7 am to 5:30 pm
Entry fee: Rs.20 per person

Lum Symper Peak and Cave- The ideal picnic location for residents is the rock-bound Lum Symper Peak, which spans as a green base with the peak. A panoramic view of the landscape requires many hours of walking. Your first trial will only need a few steps from the road, and for the remaining portion of the journey, you can either climb the stairs leading to the green hilltop or choose the steep way. Between Lum Symper Peak and Kyllang Rock, there is known to be mudslinging, and you can still see the dented slope caused by the mudslinging in that area. As soon as you enter the cave, you'll notice it has a virtual tomb raider video game series vibe. If you visit the cave during the rainy season, you can observe a natural pool of crystal-clear water created by the water trickling from the plants.
Entry Fees: 10/-
Timings: Till 5 pm

Jakrem Hot Water Spring- The Jakrem Hot Water Spring is one of the most popular tourist places in Mawsynram. Visitors from many locations travel here to take a swim in the hot springs because of the water's high sulfur content. It is one of Mawsynram's top attractions. As a health resort where visitors may bathe in the sulfur spring to purify themselves, the location has grown in popularity among tourists.
Entry fee: Paid
Timings: open the whole day


Krem Puri Cave- Meghalaya offers a new attraction for you in addition to its magnificent waterfalls and lovely live root bridges. 
The longest cave in the world according to the current list is the longest sandstone cave in Meghalaya. The 24,583-meter-long sandstone cave, known as Krem Puri, contains dinosaur remains that date to about 70 million years ago.
Despite being made open to tourists, the cave has a caution. It is not safe to explore the cave system alone because it is only recently found and most of it has not yet been thoroughly examined. The cave has a 24.5 km long and extremely small entrance. Definitely not a task for the timid. It is advised to explore the cave with the help of a guide.

Khreng Khreng Waterfall- One of the best tourist places in Mawsynram is the spectacular Khreng Khreng waterfall, located 4 kilometers from the village. 'Khreng Khreng' in the local Khasi language refers to broken rocks. A concrete wall has been built to enclose the waterfall to prevent water from overflowing onto the road. The water pours into a large gorge on the other side of the road. It offers a breathtaking view of the sun setting and gives the tree-covered mountain a golden light. Visitors may also see Lum Lawpaw, one of the least visited Mawsynram tourist attractions, and the ancient Umngi River. In addition, it offers entrancing natural beauty. The village's inhabitants are masters of their handy trade, also known as "Syntein," and are very popular.
Entry Fees: 20/-
Timings: 8 am to 7 pm

Mawlyngbna- Mawlyngbna, one of Mawsynram's tourist attractions that adds to its incredible beauty, is 15 km away. It is the best tourist place to visit in Mawsynram. Mawlyngbna, a lovely town on a hilltop, is well-known for its abundance of animal fossils. Several natural springs provide pure, fresh water all year round. The endangered pitcher plant has been conserved in a broadleaf forest on the borders of Mawlyngbna town. Mawlyngbna is a fantastic and unusual tourist destination since lovely streams, caves, amazing hills and several gorgeous waterfalls surround it. River canyoneering, cliff jumping, swimming, fishing, boating, and many more adventure sports are available in the Mawlyngbna village community. There are just two cottages here, so one may also enjoy camping. Exploring the village's natural beauty and cleanliness would be a soul-refreshing tourist experience.
Entry Fees: 10/-
Timings: 9 am to 5 pm

Umkhakoi Lake- As a result of building a dam at the Umkhakoi River, the alluringly attractive artificial Umkhakoi Lake was created, and forested hills surrounded it. It is considered one of the top Mawsynram tourist attractions. For both locals and visitors, it is the ideal picnic location. Here, the stony banks are typically formed with depressions that are typically filled with water and, in the bigger ones, bamboo bridges that connect them. Beginners in kayaking should visit this fantastic location.
Additionally, there is a little terrace from which you can see the landscape beyond. Rowboats and kayaks are also available for rent close to the platforms. Additionally, many fish are in the water, typically used as food by the energetic milling that is usually present in this area. In addition to milling, you can see the travelers preparing fish over a fire. You will feel completely at ease if you go to Umkhakoi Lake at sunset because of the stunning sun's reflection in the lake.
Timings: 9 am to 5 pm
Entry fee: Rs.10 per person


Split Rock- From Mawlyngbna, a short trek will lead you to this unique Mawsynram tourist destination. Split Rock is a geological formation, and the Assam earthquake of 1897 divided this enormous rock. The bamboo logs placed over the split may be used to bridge it so you can see the split from the other side. One must stoop over their stomach to see inside since it is so deep and black. One of the top Mawsynram tourist attractions is The Split Rock. After living in a congested metropolis, it is unusual to observe a row of fruit trees, such as jackfruit and pineapple, next to this Split Rock.
Entry fee: Rs.20 per person
Timings: 10 am to 6 pm


Best Places To Stay in Mawsynram
Mawsynram is a small village in the Indian state of Meghalaya known for being the wettest place on earth. While the village is pretty small and few accommodations are available, some options are nearby. Here are a few suggestions:

The homestay, constructed in 1970, sits in the center of the community, adjacent to recreational areas and- The homestay, constructed in 1970, sits in the center of the community, adjacent to recreational areas and
Mawlyngbna Traveller's Nest- The outdoorsy and the adventurous will find this homestay to be a blessing because there is much to keep you occupied. Of course, one of the numerous attractions is the local Khasi cuisine, but you can also go trekking, kayaking, canoeing, and fossil searching. The grounds of the famous animal marketplace Ka Iew Luri Lura, where the rock formations mimic animal footprints, are located a little distance to the west of the location where the fossils are found. Additionally, you may go fishing nearby at the Umkakhoi River. Although the log cottages may be tight, the unusual surroundings are sure to revive you.   

Emily And Sankrita Homestay- The homestay, constructed in 1970, sits in the center of the community, adjacent to recreational areas and activities. The village's meandering walkways will take you to the market, several nearby restaurants and public transit in a short distance. You'll adore the location just as it is. Families with children, couples, solitary travelers, and foodies all like the location.
Since there are not a lot of accommodation options available in Mawsynram, we recommend the tourists to stay in Shillong and then head towards Mawsynram for a day tour. Apart from that, the above properties could prove to be a decent stay for those who want to enjoy the night in Mawsynram.    

Mawsynram is a beautiful place to explore in the Garo Hills of Meghalaya. It is unique among other cities and towns. If one can't find the time to visit this beautiful town, their trip to Meghalaya is incomplete. The climate and landscape of the region make it an enchanting place to visit. It is a tourist spot worth visiting for anyone with love for nature.
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