I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday…



I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday…

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so it all starts from bagdogra in westbengal…we get picked up at the airport in a innova and then the journey starts


Day 1 Bagdogra to Gangtok

The journey from Bagdogra to Gangtok, through the mountains and the ghat road was a pleasure. We stopped at a small dhaba mid-journey and had maggi noodles. 

Which also gets spiced up with their authentic spices…Apparently, wi-wi is a popular noodle brand in this part of the country. There are ample dhabas along the route. we also enjoyed the pristine waters of the Teesta river that flows through Sikkim. The river has magical green colour waters, which make it all the more special

it was roughly a totally worth it drive of 4hrs …with a skilled driver ofcours.


so we reach gangtok at late in the night ..should be around 8pm

checked in at netuk house

This hotel is ideally situated to provide stunning views of the Himalayas .And the view from the balcony is breathtaking.we walked down the lane from netuk house and we reach the shopping hub MG road

MG Road is one happening place with various shops, restaurants, and hotels lined up along both sides.The first thing one notices when on this ,approximately 1 km stretch of road is the cleanliness. The entire area is free of smoke, litter, and vehicular traffic. It’s a pedestrian-only zone, and vehicles are not allowed. 

we dine at this restaurant called thakkali..a NEPALI CUISINE 

it was totally worth .we ordered pork thali…the thali consisted of flavoured rice pickle, different non veg starters..roti etc…lip smacking !!!!!!


Day 2

we head out the next day from gangtok to lachung

once again a great drive through the mountains,..from here is where it starts getting cold..

we stayed overnight at Lachung in one  hotel named ethos methos.This hotel served us a special beer called tongba…It is a mild alcoholic and sweet-sour fermented cereal-based beverage, served in a bamboo pipe. we started early in the  morning to Yumthang valley.once again the drive to yumthang valley is exotic…The off roaring due to periodic landslides makes it more thrilling …Once again a skilled driver plays a major role here..To be safe . Yumthang is about 25kms from Lachung located at an altitude of 11,800ft Further up and about 23kms from Yumthang at an altitude of over 15,000 ft is the place Zero Point. It takes another 1.5 hours from Yumthang by vehicle (about 3 to 3.5 hours from Lachung). This is where the civilian road ends and you can’t drive any further and hence the name Zero Point. A short distance away from here is the border with China and tourists are not allowed to go any further beyond the Zero PoinT


Day 3 LACHUNG to dzongu..

This was genuinely the greatest week I’ve ever spent in India. It’s remote, peaceful, and such stunning landscapes with so much to do without ever seeing another tourist! I have to say a huge thanks to Pintso for being our guide and showing us the local area, people, history, food etc. He really made our week. The jungle resort called munlom…

the most treasured experience was the hot spring summer bath…HOT water springing up  from undergroundBATHING IN IT IS AN ENDULGENCE.  ANd not to forget the unbeatable riverside camping with the courteous staff from munlom…the delicious food by the riverside with the picturesque mountain view…its not an experience that can be put in words

dinning by the bonfire in the  night…experiencing dzongu can’t be any better…A thank you to munlom staff for elevating experience of the dzongu.

and journey was complete hereand next day we had to back to airport.


In this experience to be very honest besides the place  it was also rhe staff that made us feel very special…I am highly grateful to “Bijai “

Our chauffeur…For not only being a great skilled driver but also being such a great conversationalist. We really had some great conversations and laughter …And dawas gesture along with other staff cannot be forgotten

..I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday than having it on the Riverside ..From arranging for a beautiful cake to bouquet of red roses and also being good at capturing candid photos ..They really made u belive nature plays a vital role in building character of a human being.They were such great human beings and that’s where the hospitality that they offered was so touching …They pulled it off so well…Indeed the best ever birthday gift

that was sikkim for us….too less told here..words fall short to explain the beauty of north sikkim

Totally indebted to “our guest” for making it such an amazing experience….And create more craving  towards travelling…