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Places Covered : Aizawl-Reiek-Thenzawl,7N/8D.

22,500  7N/8D

About The Tour

Tucked away in the thickets of green on the southern tip of Northeast India, Mizoram is a nature lover's paradise. Guests travelling to Mizoram will enjoy all that nature that this beautiful state has to offer, in the forms of lakes, valleys and rivers. 

During this tour, we will be taking you to Reiek, which is a charming village located about 30 kms from Aizawl (the capital of Mizoram). It has a heritage village with traditional Mizo houses. These depict the huts of various social strata like the village head’s house, a widow’s house, a dormitory for boys etc.

Reiek has been selected as the best tourism village 2023 in India. It is absolutely clean with no garbage piles which one usually finds in hill stations.


Tour Package Details

•    Accommodation in good verified properties and camping during the entire tour duration.
•    Reserved vehicle for the entire tour from Lengpui to Lengpui
•    Meal plans per package
•    5 % GST included

5% GST included

Pricing Options

  • ₹ 35,000 Per Person (Group of 2)
  • ₹ 22,500 Per Person (Group of 4)
*Inclusive of GST

Tour Itinerary

Lengpui - Aizawl
Day - 1

Lengpui - Aizawl

Arrive in Aizawl city by evening after your pick up from the airport and check into your homestay. The
homestay is located in a homely atmosphere while being close by to the city center. You can enjoy the
picturesque view of the city as well. Spend the evening at one’s own leisure.


Aizawl Local Sightseeing
Day - 2

Aizawl Local Sightseeing

Post breakfast at the homestay, we will go for local sightseeing to explore the sights and sounds of
Aizawl and its surroundings. This will be a day to get familiar with what Mizoram has to offer and what
better way than to start by visiting the local hangouts.

1. Solomon’s Temple
2. KV. Paradise
3. State Museum
4. Local bara bazaar
5. Lalsavunga Park
6. Mizo crafts and handloom store

Aizawl - Reiek
Day - 3

Aizawl - Reiek

Post breakfast, we will depart towards Reiek, one of the most famous trekking places in Mizoram. 30
mins drive on the way to Reiek, we will have a short visit to Khawhpawp Falls, a very unique and
marvelous natural rock cut waterfall.

After enjoying a dip in the pool of the beautiful waterfall and having snacks by the waters, we will head
towards Reiek. You will check in at Reiek Tourist Lodge, you will spend the evening at one’s own leisure,
you might want to get a good night's sleep as we’ll be heading out for an awesome trek the next day.

Reiek ( Trekking )
Day - 4

Reiek ( Trekking )

Morning after breakfast, we will explore Zokhua, a typical Mizo Village which houses distinctive
traditional huts of Mizo sub tribes.The houses are fully furnished giving the visitor a peek into the
glorious past of the valiant highlanders

We will begin trekking towards Reiek Tlang( Tlang meaning Mountain in Mizo) which is at an elevation of

4800ft. This trek is a short one and suitable for beginner trekkers. Along the trail, you will find yourself in
a big curved cave and benches every 300 meters to cool down. After trekking for 1.30 hours,you'll reach
the summit of which offers a marvelous panoramic view of the surrounding hills. Getting back to the
starting point, have lunch and explore Reiek village. You will stay the night at Reiek Tourist Resort..

Reiek -Thenzawl
Day - 5

Reiek -Thenzawl

Post breakfast at Reiek, we will head out towards Thenzawl. On the way , you'll find yourself at
Maubuang where the Tropic of Cancer passes through Mizoram. A stone and hoarding has been put up
where you can click pictures. You will reach Hmuifang after a 3 hrs drive,it is a very popular tourist
destination in Mizoram where the mountain is covered with lush green virgin forests.
Moving forward you’ll reach Thenzawl after a 2 hrs drive, home to the highest waterfall in Mizoram
Vantawng Falls. You will stay the night at Thenzawl Golf Course & Resort.

Day - 6


Post breakfast at the resort, we will explore Thenzawl village, an important hub of the traditional Mizo
handloom industry,producing rich varieties of Mizo textiles.

We will start the day by visiting Dilpui, a perfect place to be when you need to take a breather. Boat
riding, horse riding and pony cart riding can be done here. We will head to a local weavers house to
experience the handloom culture of the Mizos.

After lunch, you will witness the magnificent Vantawng Falls - highest waterfall in Mizoram from the
viewing gallery. Chawngchilhi Cave- believed that the cave had witnessed the love story of a lady and
snake. Followed by a thrilling experience at Tuirihiau Falls-a natural waterfall with two plunges. One can
go behind the falls and chill while taking nice pictures. You will stay the night at TGCR.

Thenzawl- Aizawl
Day - 7

Thenzawl- Aizawl

After breakfast at the resort, we will depart towards Aizawl. You will reach Aizawl by afternoon.
After checking in at Maryland Homestay, you will spend the evening at one’s own leisure. You can
head out to the city center for some shopping and fine dining. (suggestion-Magnolia at Hotel
Regency for Indian cuisine and Red Pepper Restaurant for authentic Mizo food).


Aizawl - Lengpui
Day - 8

Aizawl - Lengpui

Post breakfast at the homestay,it is time to leave this beautiful place. With ultimate memories of the
trip, you will depart for Lengpui Airport and dropped at the Airport.

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