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Kishyong Trek-Dzongu, North Sikkim

Places Covered : Gangtok-Dzongu,7N/8D.

40,000  7N/8D

About The Tour

Kishong Lake is a beautiful high altitude lake far from the crowded trekking destinations of the country where you will find peace,tranqulity, alpine landscapes undisturbed by visitors and magnificent views of Mt. Kanchendzonga and Sinolchu. Kishong La Trek is Moderate in difficulty and the trails are not very well maintained due to the off beat nature of the location. However this also means that one will expereince a great high altitude trek in virgin territory.  This offbeat trek in North Sikkim brings you to a largely untouched landscape. This unexplored region greets you to herds of yak grazing under the towering snow-capped peaks of the Kanchenjunga range of mountains. From the beautifully forested valleys to the higher alpine regions to the land of the high mountains, the route for this minimally explored trek greets you with surprises on every turn to eventually bring you to the high-altitude lake. Of the over 200 lakes in the mountainous state of Sikkim, Kishong Lake is one of the holiest. It holds great significance for the Lepcha tribe, believed to be one of the oldest tribes to live, to this day. They believe this lake at the altitude of 4,500M marks the way to heaven and also that this is where their people originated from.

Special instructions for preparing personal equipments :
* Good trekking clothes
* Rain coats/rain jackets
* Folding umbrella
* Mini torch/headlamps
* 3-4 pairs of cotton socks
* 2-3, tees,
* Warm inner garments
* Insect repellents
* Creams and toiletries
* Ankle high shoes recommended-waterproof is recommended
* Personal Med-kits,
* Personal Sleeping bag if you have is always better

Tour Package Details

The cost is inclusive of the following:

  • All the trekking arrangements, with equipments (Sleeping bag, tents, mats)
  • All the porters, cooks, guide charges,
  • National Park Fees
  • Wildlife Fees
  • 6000 Per Person/ Per Day for goup of 4 Pax
  • 5000 Per Person/ Per Day for goup of 6 Pax

5% GST included

Pricing Options

  • ₹ 48,000 Per Person (Group of 4)
  • ₹ 40,000 Per Person (Group of 6)
*Inclusive of GST

Tour Itinerary

Arrive into Dzongu from Gangtok
Day - 1

Arrive into Dzongu from Gangtok

The route will be via Mangan and Sangkalang into Upper Dzongu village of Timvong. Driving time approximately 4 hrs. Late afternoon walks around the village.

Morning early breakfast and briefing for the trek ahead.
Day - 2

Morning early breakfast and briefing for the trek ahead.

The Tholung-Kishong Trek is a lesser known trail and is used by Pilgrims and local herdsmen at the most, hence, it is more of a moderate-difficult rated trek. The trail can be of various gradients and quite basic, of course, all adding to the charm.

Approx. Time Slots for the Day:
6am: breakfast at homestay
7am: start from homestay at Tingvong by car to Bey. 8:30 am: start of trekking from Bey (1.5 hr)
11 am : Packed lunch at Channa (1800m). 1pm: Start after lunch from Channa
5pm: first night halt at Tholung Gumpa (monastery) 2600m 7pm: dinner

Day starts at 6 am for breakfast.
Drive from Timvong Homestay to the village of ‘Bey’- the startpoint of the
trek. Driving time approx. 1.5 hrs.
• Start Trek at Bey. First half trek of 2.5 – 3 Hrs till packed Lunch stop
and break at ‘Tsanna’ 1800 mtrs..
• Post light Lunch, proceed for first night halt camp at ‘Tholung’ located
at 2600 mtrs.
• Evening rest and freshen up for the next few days of walking.

Day - 3


Post breakfast start for the day with a mostly uphill climb for our next base at ‘Temrong’. Most of our days are started with a heavier meal and lunch stops will be mostly light packed items. Walk of approx. 5 hrs and altitude climb to approximately 3100 mtrs.

Approx. Time Slots for the Day:
8am: breakfast/brunch ; Visit monastery for puja & seek permission from the local deities for safe journey.
9am: start trekking uphill for 4-5 hrs; guide will narrate myths & stories behind the relics on the way.
12pm: packed lunch/snacks
2pm: set up base at Temrong (3100m) 7pm: dinner

Day - 4


Post breakfast departure for ‘Tholepay’ which will take approximately 5 hrs. As seen the day before, today will also be a day of gaining altitude till our final overnight halt base at ‘Tholepey’ at 4100 mtrs. For those who decide to continue treks further, ‘Tholepey’ is a good base camp.

Approx. Time Slots for the Day:

8am: breakfast/brunch
9am: trek uphill towards Tholupey(4100m) for 4-5 hours. 12pm: lunch/snacks
3pm: Base camp at Tholupey. 7pm: dinner

Day - 5


Post relaxed breakfast, today is a day of exploring the area. Lake ‘Kishongla’ is considered extremely sacred to the ‘Lepcha’, the aborigines of Sikkim and there are many mystical stories that surround this region. The area is surrounded by lakes and streams and is very picturesque and setting off after breakfast with a light packed lunch will be the best way to spend the day. The local guide will explain many such stories and interpretations of the Land.

Kyishong lake is one of the holiest lakes of Sikkim in accordance to the tradition of one of the oldest tribes of the world, the Lepchas.
Offers awesome view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Siniolchu, Lama Angden peak, Yajuknamteng peak and Temrong peak
God’s path through holy lake is a unique attraction
A Habitat for several rare and threatened medicinal plants like Aconitum sp. and several others in association with the Rhododendron scrubs and shrubs.
A stopover of migratory and residential birds including Brahmini shelducks, Snow patridge and others.
A refuge for Himalayan Thar, Red fox, Blood Pheasant, etc.

Day of departure back to ‘Tholung’.
Day - 6

Day of departure back to ‘Tholung’.

The return journey should be fairly straightforward and arrive into camp by late lunch. Spend the afternoon at the famous ‘Tholung Monastery’ where the most ancient and valuable relics of the great saint ‘Guru Padmasambhava’ or popularly known as ‘Guru rimpoche’ are housed for safekeeping.

Approx. Time Slots for the Day:

8am: Breakfast/Brunch

10am: Return to Tholung gumpa.

12pm: lunch/snacks

3pm: night halt at gumpa.

Trek return to Base
Day - 7

Trek return to Base

Post breakfast return journey for ‘Bey’ and onwards to your homestay for a sumptuous lunch.

Approx. Time Slots for the Day:
7am: breakfast/brunch
9am: Return to Bey
12pm: lunch/snacks

Post lunch we depart for Gangtok for the night. Driving time approximately 3-4 hours.

Gangtok to Airport
Day - 8

Gangtok to Airport

Morning early departure for the airport. The Bagdogra airport is usually quite congested and we recommend reaching atleast 2 hours to departure time.

Notes and Info:
Tholung monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim, built in the 18 th century, housing valuable relics of Buddhists.
Chorten of the founder of the monastery, Lama Lhatsun Chempo, King Chagdor Namgyal, Leek Gomchen, and a stone form of the male genital organ (symbol of genesis) are some of the unique features of the Gumpa.
Dresses of the patron saint Lama Lhatsun Chempo is still preserved here.
Display of those relics and dresses is organized every 3 years in an event known as “Khamsel”; next display in 2024. It is a 233 years old tradition with more than 6000 devotees from across Sikkim and Bhutan gathering for the auspicious event.
Kong Cha Chu (hot water spring), Shinji Badong (waterfall with horrifying sounds) and a traditional bamboo cane bridge are of
significant attraction. 

Theugong Bhutti Ney :
One of the pilgrimages for Buddhists. Stone form of holy books of Buddhists hidden by Lama Lhatsun Chenpo as believed.
Holy water emerging from the rock, wish fulfilling hole, foot mark of Lama Lhatsun Chenpo, cut hand of devil, entrance door are other
important features.

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