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Arunachal Pradesh, India

Pasighat is the headquarters of East Siang district in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. Situated at 155 meters, Pasighat is the land of the mighty Siang and indigenous hanging bridges. Round cane rings, swinging strings, shattered wooden pavements dangling above the mighty Siang makes it a picture perfect moment of thrill and adventure.

The pleasant waterfall graces the mountain cliffs and chills the vicinity. The musical tumbling sound of the water, the cool breezes procreating from the waterfall dips down the temperature. The songs of the birds, the fragrances of the forest after the rains are simply overpowering.

Pasighat Travel Tips

Plan your trip when the weather is fine and make sure to pack all your essentials. Be a part of the local  Culture and respect them, if you want to visit in monsoon season don't forget to carry  warm cloths, rain coat or umbrellla.

Pasighat Facts

Pasighat was founded in 1911 by the British Raj as a gateway to administrative convenience of the greater Abor Hills and the north area in general. Primarily there were settlements of Adi tribesmen who are still living in the villages in and around Pasighat. The year 2011 marked 100 years of its existence.

Cognizance of Pasighat emerged due to the last Anglo-Abor War that was fought in 1912 subsequent to the fourth Anglo-Abor War in 1894. This necessitated the first-ever administrative headquarters being established here with an Assistant Political Officer posted. In the post-independence era, Pasighat is credited with the first Airfield (near Paglek, P. I. Line) established in 1946.

The first Agricultural Institute in Arunachal Pradesh was also established at Pasighat in 1950. Other forms of later infrastructural development include:

  • General Hospital (established 1954, although some claim it as old as the town itself)
  • Co-operative society Ltd (1957)
  • Nurse Training Centre (affiliated to General Hospital)
  • Jawaharlal Nehru College - the first-ever College in Arunachal Pradesh (established 3 July 1964)
  • The first-ever All India Radio Station in the State in 1966.

Early proponents for shifting the state capital from Shillong (the then NEFA), underlined Pasighat's better infrastructure. However, the privilege was lost to the present capital Itanagar in 1974. The only significant development in Pasighat that came after that was the College Of Horticulture and Forestry Central Agriculture University established on 7 March 2001.

How to Reach

Flight By Air

The regional airport in Pasighat isn’t used for commercial travel, but plans are underway for the runway to be extended to enable cargo aircraft at the least. The closest airport that’s used for commercial travel to Pasighat is 167km away in Dibrugarh. If you’re traveling from New Delhi, air travel takes roughly 2 hours and 40 minutes at an estimated fare of INR 4,500-8,500 and then you can make the onward journey to Pasighat in 3 ½ hours by road in a taxi or drive down yourself in a rental car.

Train By Train

The nearest railway station to Pasighat is in Murkong Selek at 35kms and you can make the onward journey by a prepaid cab or by bus. Alternatively, you can take a train to New Tinsukia Station if you’re traveling from New Delhi. A train to New Tinsukia leaves once daily from New Delhi and takes approx. 38 hours at an estimated fare of INR 1,100. You can travel by taxi from New Tinsukia to Pasighat in approx. 3 hours at approx. cost of INR 2,600.

Car By Road

When it comes to traveling by road, you can access Pasighat from two major cities in Assam via the NH515, one being Dibrugarh and another Guwahati. You can also access Pasighat from Itanagar, the capital city via NH 15 and NH 515. The distance between Dibrugarh and Pasighat is approx. 154km and takes roughly 3 hours or so.

Book Homestays around Pasighat

Book Homestays around Pasighat

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Tour Packages around Pasighat


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